A3 size electroluminescent back light/panel/lamp

A3 size electroluminescent back  light/panel/lamp
Item# A3-EL-panel

Product Description

Item: A3 size electroluminescent panel with lead wire and connector

Color: white, pinkish when not lit.

Brightness: 120 cd per square meter (100V/700Hz)

Lifespan: 10,000 to 12,000 hours depends on working environment and duty cycle

Length: 410 millimeter, approximately 16 inches

Width: 290 millimeter, approximately 11.5 inches

Thickness: 0.5 millimeter, approximately 1/64 inch

Applied voltage: AC 50V - 220V

Applied frequency: 50Hz - 3000Hz

Lead wire: 30 centimeter with connector

It needs A3 inverter to run this item. See inverter detail under store category EL INVERTER.